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In America, smoking rates have decreased from the mid 1960's to the mid 1990s by 23%.

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What is Going on With Our Teens Today

Added 22 of February 2009 (8367 views)

The teenage smoking statistics reveal many hard, cold facts about what is going on with our teens today. Every single day of our lives, over 3000 teenagers begin to smoke cigarettes and go on to become daily steady smokers.

It has been estimated that about 600,000 more will begin smoking every year. Of these teenagers smoking, approximate figures show 20% of the males are addicted to smoking and close to 25% of the females are smoking regularly. Lately, the female gender has become the more eager smokers versus the males. In the majority of these teenagers, their first experience of smoking happened before they ever graduated from high school. About one in every three teens currently smoke cigarettes in high school years and say that they like it.

Most of these teens admit that peer pressure is why they smoke, wanting to please their friends around them. Approximately 11% of students in middle school have confessed that they as well have tried smoking cigarettes on more than one occasion and most of these will be come addicted and continue the habit. Of the teenagers that are addicted to cigarettes, one out of the five is smoking an alarming 13 to 15 cigarettes every single day!

The amount of cigarettes that are purchased illegally for underage teens is astounding, and itís estimated at over one and a half million packages every year! Once these teens become addicted to smoking, most have revealed they want to quit, but cannot. Many of these teenagers that choose to smoke at such a young age will die at a much younger age because they have decided to smoke tobacco.

When this fact is revealed to the teenagers, it does not show a significant drop in the smoking rate although they are warned. Interestingly enough, in the past decade, there has not been much reduction at all in the rates of teen smoking.

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